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I have been all over the net looking at pet related pages, searching for and reviewing pet products, and trying to find web sites for your local pet care providers. And the things I have come across have been soooo wrong. I don't mean "wrong" as in incorrect information, I mean there are some web sites that demean other pet care providers, and your pet care products as well.
 When you decide to do your homework, look for reputable sites, AND talk to multiple pet care providers to understand different points of view.

 Some examples are as follows:
  •     T his site claims that you will unknowingly kill your pet by feeding them pet food. (This couldn't be further from the truth). While a lot of pet foods have some unwanted ingredients in it, you are not going to harm your pet by feeding them these foods. You will find some of the same ingredients in your own food. Talk to your vet or a nutritional specialist about your pets' food if you think you have any problems or concerns.
  • I am in no way agreeing with this lady by providing a link to this site. If you check this page out, keep reading, all the way to the bottom. As I have a few friends who do currently use this vet, and anyone I have spoken with give nothing but good reviews. I myself do not have any connection nor any reason to support this vet other than my clients testimonials. And they have all been good.
So don't always take what one site says. Visit multiple sites as well as pet care providers in your area. And don't forget, listen to your own instinct. Visit the REFERENCE GUIDE for a listing of pet care providers in the area. It also lists the phone numbers, web-sites (if any) and provides a google map so that it is easier to locate these professionals.
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