Our Policies

#1. We want to do our best for you and make sure that you and your pet get everything you need plus some. We strive to make things easy for you. Our discounts and donations are strictly meant to help keep pets in the home of the pet owners. Sadly we do not take in pets. We do provide names and numbers of those who do. We also provide names and numbers of pet friendly rentals. We will help provide pet foods/items for those who are low income when you have filled out an assistance application and the application has been accepted.

#2. We try to go as far as we can, but we are on a limited budget. We are allowed to travel up to 40 miles from the central Peoria area only a few times a month. We do rely heavily on donations, which are in short supply now.*

#3. We can accept checks, but if you have bounced a check with us, you will be charged a $20 fee and we will no longer be able to accept a check from you. If you are worried that you are short on funds, please notify us, we will try to work with you.

#4. We accept all animals. Even if you have a pet that has been known to be aggressive. We ask that you notify us of any problematic pets beforehand so that we can do a one on one evaluation first. We have yet to turn down any pet.*

#5. We are bonded. We want to ensure that you have peace of mind and all the respect you and your pet deserves.

*As of April 2010

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