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This is Peorias' very own personalized pet care business!!! You will find everything from A-Z, big to small, Peoria Heights to Marquette Heights. Find a vet, nutrition specialist, dog trainer, pet groomer and pet care providers of all sorts. Bidefire Pets is a small organization that wants to fulfill your pet care needs. Bidefire Pets is growing more and more everyday, with more services than ever. Even if you decide we don't fit your needs, we will work hard to find others who can. We want to make sure you and your pets are 100% satisfied.

Below are average rates of OTHER pet care companies. 

Average pet sitting prices across the country: $65.00 per day/night

                                                          $106.60 per day for holidays

Average pet sitting prices in Central Illinois:   $41.00 per day/night

Average pet walking prices across the country:  $22.16 per walk

                                                                      $374.00 a month

Average pet walking prices in Central Illinois:   $12.76 per walk

                                                                     $153.00 a month

Prices across the country are averaged using 28 random states.

Prices in central Illinois are averaged using 17 different pet care specialists throughout central Illinois.

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