Waste Removal

Small yard .............$10.00

Large yard .............$17.50

 We all hate those mornings we are in a hurry, late for work and speed walking to the car taking a short cut through the yard just to step in Rovers' pile. Then we have to some how clean it off without getting it on the floor, carpet, car interior and even after you get to the office, you can still smell it???

Why go through that? We can come out once a week and clean up the mess for you as well as gently treat your lawn to help with the "brown spots". We can also help you learn how to train your dog to "go" in certain areas.

What qualifies as a small or large yard?

- A small yard is anything under 1/2 an acre or roughly under 21000 sq. feet.

- A large yard is 1/2 an acre or more.

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