Professional Service and Peace of Mind

Bidefire Pets is a small, socially responsible business. As much as 10% of all proceeds go to supporting our local charities. Our founder, Jesse Dippel, has worked with and loved animals since childhood. Her love for animals is what inspired her to found Bidefire Pets, "To fight for the ones who can't".

But Jesse is more than just an animal lover. She is a student of canine psychology and the veterinary sciences, a certified dog trainer, wife and mother. Bidefire Pets is here for all your pet care needs.

Why Choose Bidefire Pets?

1. Professional Service- We answer all your questions about animal health, nutrition, mental well being and training.
If we don't have the answer, we guarantee we will find it for you.

2. Peace Of Mind- Our pets are our family, and no other service will provide your family member with more love and attention than Bidefires'. "In home" service meet and greets and background checks are absolutely free.

3. Socially Responsible- 10 percent of all proceeds go to support our local animal charities. Bidefire Pets also provides local struggling families with coupons and/or bags of food for their pets. Bidefire Pets cares.


Bidefire Pets challenges you to find a better price for the value added in our services. We will match any competitors' prices.*


A little bit about Bidefire Pets.

We are a small business who has dedicated ourselves to fulfilling you and your pets needs. In today's tough economic times, it's hard to to care for your own problems, let alone your pets'. Why go it alone?  Bidefire Pets also donates to charity.

After working with many animals for many years, we hold a strong understanding of animal health, nutrition, mental well being, and training.

Our hearts have opened up after Katrina, seeing so many homeless pets, animal neglect and abuse. We have met quite a few families who live here in Illinois that came from some of the hardest hit areas.It is also very sad to think so many family pets are lost every day for numerous other reasons.

We try to help families by providing low cost services, references, and free coupons and/or bags of food for their pets.

Bidefire Pets is able to provide such low cost services and help with free foods and donations because we have little to no cost within our business.

So far, our charitable interests have
found us not only helping pets, but also doing a lot of volunteer work.

Founded by Jesse, a certified trainer, student of canine psychology and animal lover by nature, Bidefire Pets has one sole purpose in mind, "To fight for the ones who can't fight".

We have provided links for you to the Humane Society of the United States, and local shelters too, so that you can donate directly to them. Bidefire Pets does not donate to any one charity in particular, we donate to all of the charities and pet adoption affiliates within the central Illinois area, as well as needy families with pets.

attention: we do not simply provide money to any family/non organization, we instead, provide bags of food/toys and vet bill relief. We do not suggest that you donate to a family or non-organized group. We DO recommend that you visit one of the supplied links to a HSUS organization or an organization affiliated with HSUS.

* Must be a valid company or business that has been in operation for a minimum of 5 years. Examples may include competitors you could find in the phone book, Dex KNows, ect.  

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