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Our Services include but are not limited to the following.... 
Regular Scheduled Walking -
 4 or more days a week $25.00/week

1-3 Days a week -

Included with pet sitting package
Pre-training walk -
(will last a minimum of 45 minutes for best results)        $ 10.00/per walk                  

Pet sitting services.... 
Pet sitting -                                     -     $20.99/day/dogs
         -     $9.50/day/cats
         -     $3.50 small animals
         -     $20.00 large animals
-rates are for all animals not per animal.
-So if you have 2 or more dogs, it will still be just $20.99 a day.

Plus Mileage -                                                    $0.10/mile**

 Grooming Services.......

Full Grooming package:

Includes a full bath with hypo-allergenic shampoo, and a softening rinse. Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a clip if needed.

Dematting is also available.

You must call for quotes.


Other Services.......... 
Pet Taxi (pick up/drop off)
Included with pet sitting package

This is a service to take your pet to the groomer, vet, training classes, kennel, ect. when you don't have time or while you are on vacation.
If you are 65 or older, pet taxi is 100% free to the vet or groomer. If you live in the Bartonville area and your destination is within the Bartonville area, Pet Taxi will be 100% free.

iPods and Accessories at Goodwill Too

-Personal Shopper-$15.00/month

-Personal Shopper-$20.00/once

(Does not include the price of actual shopping trip)

(Get the best price, value, healthiest products and more. Or simply send your shopping list. Get great information on toys, food, and other pet products.)
To apply for permanent discounts and financial assistance please call 309-397-7912 for an appointment.
 Your pet will automatically receive complimentary brushings, ear cleaning and facial stain cleaning on a daily basis with pet sitting package.
These complimentary services are meant to keep up on your pets grooming and make it easier for your groomer to do their job.
Waste Removal Services:
  - Free with pet sitting service

  - Small yard......$10.00/week
  - Large yard.....$20.00/week

Flea Removal
includes house, furniture, bath/dip, and weekly treatments until gone.

- $75.00

Will only be done for severe infestations. Call to have a free inspection.
Vacation Yard Upkeep

Includes having yard mowed once, raking leaves, water outdoor plants, lawn clipping removal.

Small yard - $22.99
Large yard - $37.99

Bidefire Pet Care Services
Do you have trouble getting your pet to take medication or ear infection treatments?

We will come out on a weekly or monthly basis (no restraints and no sedatives).

   $10.00/per visit

**!! Free with sitting service!!**


Do you regularly go out of town?  If you use our sitting service 2 times a month, you can get a 15% discount when you pay up front and in full.***

Pay in full, for a whole month of daily scheduled walks, and get 1 week free.
 4-5 walks a week,  pet taxi, and personal shopper.........................


Create your own package deal and get BIG discounts.

2 services.......................................10% off

3 services.......................................15% off

4 services.......................................20% off

5 or more services.............................25% off

Must use services for 3 consecutive months or more for discounts to apply.

Field Trip package-
(Field trip packages include trip to one vet, one training facility, and one grooming facility. No charge for mileage)........................
Got a brand new puppy or addition to the family? If you adopted from a local shelter or adoption drive, we'll take an extra 10% off any service. Plus, take advantage of any free offers and coupons that we may have in stock!!!

Great for socializing your pet

$35.00/each trip
New pet adoption requires proof of adoption within a 5 month range, and coupons and/or freebie offers depend on what's a available.


Average pet sitting prices across the country: $65.00 per day/night

                                                          $106.60 per day for holidays

Average pet sitting prices in Central Illinois:   $41.00 per day/night

Average pet walking prices across the country:  $22.16 per walk

                                                                      $374.00 a month

Average pet walking prices in Central Illinois:   $12.76 per walk

                                                                     $153.00 a month

Prices across the country are averaged using 28 random states.

Prices in central Illinois are averaged using 17 different pet care specialists throughout central Illinois.


Please make your online payment/donation through Pay Pal by clicking the "Donate" link below

 * Mileage at 0.25 cents per mile begins if you live outside of the Peoria area or if you live more than 14 miles away from the central Bartonville zip code.

***Regular clients must use services for 3 consecutive days, twice, within a 30 day period, or 3 consecutive months, and must pay in full before services rendered are to be eligible for discount.
These are not the only services we  offer, if there is anything we can do or help you accomplish, give us a call !!!! Your pet matters to us !!!!
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